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'''Ernst Julius Günther Röhm''' (; 28 November 1887 – 1 July 1934) was a German military officer and founding member of the Nazi Party. As one of the first members of its predecessor, the German Workers' Party he was a close friend and early ally of Adolf Hitler and a co-founder of the ''Sturmabteilung'' (SA, "Storm Battalion"), the Nazi Party's militia, and later was its commander. By 1934, Hitler had come to see him as a potential rival and he was executed during the Night of the Long Knives.
Birth nameErnst Julius Günther Röhm
Birth date28 November 1887
Birth placeMunich, German Empire|Germany
Death date1 July 1934 (age {{age|1887|11|28|1934|7|1}})
Death placeStadelheim Prison, Munich, Nazi Germany|Germany
Education| occupation = Stabschef, Sturmabteilung (SA)
ParentsJulius Röhm and Emilie Röhm
Children| nationality = German
PartyNational Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP)
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